Students Honored for Spotlight on Success Achievement Surprised by Guest at Knox School Board Meeting

Tim Watts

The Knox Community School Board had a special Spotlight on Success agenda item this week. The students in Mrs. Kleinfehn’s high school class have been corresponding with Tim Watts, a 2004 graduate of Knox High School, and a member of the National Guard. He has a special email account so the students can email him and those letters are monitored by Mrs. Kleinfehn.

The students appeared before the School Board Monday night for the Spotlight on Success presentation and Superintendent A.J. Gappa said they got a surprise.

“It just so happens, Tim was home on leave this week so he was able to show up in person at the board meeting and the kids didn’t know he was coming,” said Gappa. “The Board thought that it was really special for a graduate of Knox High School to come back and take the time, especially when he’s got limited time left before he goes overseas, to talk to these kids and show some samples of emails they’ve already sent.”

Tim Watts is expected to be deployed to Afghanistan today.

Mr. Gappa said this correspondence will be a benefit for the students.

“Mrs. Kleinfehn’s kids will be able to use the Macbooks that’s part of their technology where they can work on their writing skills as they send him emails and get emails back from him. Hopefully, we are going to be able to set it up so eventually this year they will be able to Skype back and forth with Tim so they can actually see him while he’s in Afghanistan.”

Photo provided.