Debris Removal, Sediment Control Planned for Yellow River in Knox

Along with debris clean up along the Yellow River in Knox up to the Marshall County line, Starke County Surveyor Dennis Estok said that more work is planned for the Yellow River.

The projects on the drawing board include sediment control along the Yellow River and work on the Yellow River at Wythogan Park. Last summer, a drowning occurred at the U.S. 35 bridge on the Yellow River, and Estok said that area is really dangerous.

“There have been too many drownings down at the park and basically right now I’m in communication with the DNR and INDOT trying to figure out what we can do with that,” Estok said.

We asked Estok what makes it so dangerous at that location.

“The problem is the large rocks. It just creates a big drop off there and it has actually created a hole, about 25 to 30 feet deep, which creates an undercurrent. What we’re planning on doing is filling up the hole and getting rid of the rocks so we have a smooth river coming through there. Hopefully we can get that done here within a reasonable amount of time.”