Knox Superintendent Gives School Board Update on Elementary School Facility Study

Knox Community School Superintendent A.J. Gappa gave a facility study update to the School Board Monday night. The Board is gathering opinions from the public and teachers in the Elementary School on the Palmer Wing of the Elementary School.

“The fifth grade teachers had taken a tour of the building to see the inner workings of it,” said Mr. Gappa. “Mr. Barnes, Elementary Principal, led them on the tour to show them some of the inner workings of the school. Even though they’re teachers here, they sometimes the back and storage areas of the kitchen or where the cooking takes place. They may not see the boiler rooms, the tunnels underneath the building where the pipes run to run the water and so forth.”

The Board is trying to sell the need of repairs or construction on the Palmer Wing.

“We’re not just doing this on a whim, but we’re trying to sell the need to the workers here first and then work outward into the community. We’ve had community in before and we will continue to invite anyone in who wants to see the condition of the old Palmer building, but we’re also selling the need to the people who work here. They will become our ambassadors when it comes time to talk more to the public.”