Year in Review – Part Four

We’re down to the final three top 10 stories of 2011.

One of the top stories of the year involved State Representative Nancy Dembowski, who with 43 Democrat legislators, fled to Illinois to avoid voting on anticipated right to work legislation. After staying out for weeks, the legislators finally returned to the cheers of union workers and jeers from their Republican colleagues. The issue is coming back to the legislators in the 2012 General Assembly. The Republican majority party imposed fines on those who left.

n October, the community was saddened by the death of young Drew Shearin, one of the most popular students at Knox High School. We found out from the outpouring of emotion just how much the 17-year-old Junior meant to his fellow classmates, especially those in the band. He was traveling home from work at Subway in Knox when for some reason he ran off the road on State Road 8, with the accident claiming his life. Drew was a drum major in the Knox Redskin Brigade, and his band-mates went on to perform in a manner that would have made him proud. He was also active in school theater productions.

Tomorrow, I’ll have our top story of 2011.