Culver Community Schools Accept Donation from Kiwanis Club

The Culver Community School Board this week gratefully accepted an $800 donation from the Kiwanis Club that Superintendent Brad Schuldt says will be used to help kids who are in need.

Schuldt says that the Kiwanis Club has on a near-annual basis made donations to the fund, which is handled by School Nurse Kathy Hermanson and Deb Stevens, social worker for the school.

“They’ve always been very generous in the past, and this year they contributed $800 to the social worker and nurse’s fund to help kids who are in need,” said Schuldt.

The school frequently sends the two employees to the weekly meetings of the Kiwanis Club to give updates on the needs of students in the corporation, whether those needs be financial or medical.

Because the donation was in an amount greater than $500, the board was required to vote on whether or not to accept the donation. After a unanimous vote, the board accepted the $800 donation from the club.