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The Hamlet United Methodist Church suffered a fire in 2007

It was on this date 1982 when we were in the throes of of tremendous winter storm. It actually began on January 9th, a Saturday, and went into January 10th.

It got down to 19 below zero on the 10th, coming in on the heels of 40 m.p.h. winds. People were stranded all over the place in the blinding snowstorm.

Winter weather is fickle in Indiana. Just one year later, on January 10th, 1983, it was 45 degrees.

Back in 2007, members of the Hamlet United Methodist Church were surveying damage to the sanctuary of the building after a fire erupted in the church the night before. The blaze started on January 9th and it apparently started in a basement light fixture. Firemen from Hamlet, Koontz Lake, Knox, Washington Township, and Hanna were on the scene for about six hours fighting the fire.