Drivers Urged to be Cautious When Pulled over by Unmarked Police Vehicle

The Indiana State Police is urging you to ask for police identification if you are pulled over and approached by a person saying they are a police officer and they exit an unmarked police vehicle.

On Saturday, a female driver was followed by an unmarked black police-type vehicle and the driver used emergency lights to pull her over. The vehicle had red and blue lights mounted in the front window and the vehicle was occupied by two men. The driver said the pair flashed their so-called badges and said they were State Police. They said her vehicle came up suspicious and they wanted to search her vehicle. She exited her vehicle and the pair proceeded to steal money and other items from her. She attempted to call police and they took her cell phone from her.

If you saw this traffic stop on I-80 Saturday morning, call the Indiana State Police – Lowell District at (219) 696-6242. If you encounter a similar incident, turn on your hazard lights and stop in a well-lit, busy area with plenty of witnesses. Call 9-1-1 and tell them you’re being stopped by an unmarked unit and driver and prepare to give details. If the officer is not in uniform and approaches your car, keep your doors locked, roll down the window only enough so the person can hear you and ask to see his or her badge and identification. Inform the person that you have called authorities and are waiting for a marked police car.

An Indiana State Police officer will be in uniform or in a fully marked vehicle when acting in official capacity.