Knox Community Schools to Work Harder to Collect Textbook Fees

The Knox Community School Corporation will be getting more diligent in collecting textbook rental fees.

“One of the things that was noted by the State Board of Accounts is we have to be more aggressive in their eyes and we need a better policy for collection of fees,” explained Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “We were ordered that we had to either go through Small Claims Court or use a collection agency. In our case, the best direction to go would be the use of a collection agency.”

A committee was formed by High School Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff and a policy was drafted.

“We’re not really changing the things that we do. There will be letters that will go out for fees and we will work with every person that needs help. We will bend over backwards as far as we can, but we do have as a policy now that says if we reach a stalemate point at some time down the road, which could be a very long time, we would have to turn it over to a collection agency.”

The policy was for presentation at the recent Knox Community School Board meeting and the members will vote on the policy on February 20th.