Starke County Highway Saving Money this Winter

Steve Siddall

This winter has been a mild one and even though there hasn’t been much snow on the ground, Starke County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall says he and the employees are keeping busy

“We’ve still got plenty of work to do out here,” said Siddall. “We’re cutting brush and patching potholes. With no snow, the holes are forming with the raining and the warming and thawing. We also have gravel roads that are taking a beating because of so much rain and moisture in the ground. It’s tearing them up and we’re having to fix them. I really wish we had the snow instead of this because it makes mud and causes more trouble for a lot of things.”

Siddall said the salt budget is looking good, especially for this time of the year.

“We’re saving a lot in our snow account. Up to date, we’ve only purchased 300 ton of salt and usually in a normal year, we’re up to 500 tons by now.”

The lack of snow has also kept down the cost of maintaining the trucks.

“Trucks are still out doing things, but we’re not loading them and plowing the snow and that does take a big toll on them.”

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said the City’s salt supply is good and the mild winter has not affected the Street Department’s budget.