Starke County Highway Declares Phase One of Recent Bridge Inspection Complete

Photo Source: Starke County Hwy Dept FB Page

Starke County Highway Department officials recently stated that the results from phase one of bridge inspections displayed that the overall bridge health in the area is excellent compared to some other places throughout the state.

According to representatives, within the last five years, the county has developed a bridge maintenance plan to keep them in good condition.

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Starke County Park Board Suggests Having Engineer Analyze Bass Lake Beach House Patio

After a six month break between meetings, the Starke County Park Board has picked up its discussion on the Bass Lake Beach House patio. On Tuesday, board members directed the facility’s manager, Larry Clarich, to get quotes for what it would cost to have an engineer visit the site, while making short-term repairs in the meantime.

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Starke County Highway Department Keeping Busy Despite Lack of Snow Removal

It’s unusual for the Starke County Highway Department to have nearly all of the materials hauled in for spring and summer operations in January, but Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler informed the commissioners Monday night that they’re doing just that.  With the lack of snow removal efforts this winter, crews have been busy with several other projects to prepare for the summer paving season and completing some minor bridge maintenance work during the down time.

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