Indiana State Police Posts to Accept Synthetic Drugs for Disposal

The Indiana State Police is making it easier for retailers to dispose of synthetic drugs.

Retailers and private citizens can dispose of K2, Spice or bath salts at any Indiana State Police post. Any quantity can be disposed until Sunday, March 25th. You will not be arrested if you take the illegal substance in your possession to your nearest police post for proper disposal. The closest headquarters in our listening area are Bremen, Lowell and Lafayette.

You are reminded that this is not an amnesty period. These products are now illegal to possess. These products should already be removed from the shelves and safely secured until they can be properly disposed. Retail locations still selling these products are subject to losing their retail license for one year. Employees and customers purchasing these items can be arrested for violating this new law.

Undercover officers of the Indiana State Police may visit retail locations known to have sold these items now illegal under the new law. If subsequent laboratory testing confirms the purchased item is an illegal substance, the employee making the sale may be arrested and the store may have its retail license revoked for one year.