Knox Community School Board Continues to Gather Information on Possible Elementary School Project

Knox Community School Superintendent A.J. Gappa reported to the School Board this week that he attended a presentation by the Fostering Accuracy Involvement and Responsibility (FAIR) non-profit organization.

“What they do is promote and try to help schools and other public units in the construction referendum process,” stated Gappa. “Our Board has been looking at what to do with the Elementary School, at least the Palmer Wing, and we’ve decided that probably in early April we will reconvene with our Board Committee with representatives from ICE Miller and Umbaugh and Associates to look at the process and see what we need to do. Most recently, we had a problem at Door #7 in the Palmer Wing and we need to do something looking into the future, but our Board has been really conscientious of the public and they want to get public input as we move forward.”