Plea Agreements In Murriah Dailey Attempted Murder and Robert Reed Robbery Case Move Forward In Starke Circuit Court

Murriah Dailey
Robert Reed

Plea agreements have been filed in open court for Murriah Dailey and Robert Reed. Dailey was previously charged with two counts of Attempted Murder as a Class A felony, Attempted Escape, Robbery, Receiving Stolen Property, two counts of Resisting Law Enforcement, and Striking A Law Enforcement Animal. Reed faced charges of Robbery, Receiving Stolen Property, two counts of Resisting Law Enforcement, and one count of Habitual Traffic Violator. Murriah Dailey appeared in front of Starke Circuit Court Magistrate Jeanene Calabrese on March 26th 2012 and the plea agreement was found to be acceptable.

Pursuant to the plea agreement, Dailey would plead guilty to Attempted Escape as a Class B felony and Resisting Law Enforcement as a Class D felony. Upon sentencing, the remaining counts of attempted murder would be dismissed by Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff and the court would impose an eight year sentence in the Department of Corrections, with the remainder of the sentence to be suspended and served on house arrest for the Class B felony, with an additional 18 months for the D felony to be served on home detention through Knights Community Corrections. This sentence would be followed by a probation period of four years.

Reed is scheduled to appear later in April before Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall and would plead guilty pursuant to a plea agreement with the State to Receiving Stolen Property and Resisting Law Enforcement, both class D felonies, and would face 24 months in the Department of Corrections on each count. He may be permitted to service 12 months of each sentence on work release through LaPorte County if approved, and 12 months of the sentence on home detention through Starke County Community Corrections if approved. Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall is expected to rule at that time if the plea agreements will be accepted.

These charges stem from an incident on May 22, 2011, when officers responded to a theft report in San Pierre and soon pulled over a motorcycle carrying two people, who quickly fled from police before abandoning the motorcycle near Toto Road and fled on foot. Dailey was soon apprehended, but gained control of the police vehicle in which she was placed and tried to escape and strike officers with the vehicle. She was unsuccessful and was again apprehended with Reed.