Starke County Highway Superintendent Explains use of Revenue Forms

Steve Siddall

The Starke County Commissioners and Auditor Kay Chaffins have instituted a new monthly report form for offices that have cash drawers. Some offices missed the turn-in deadline this month, including the highway department.

Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall explains why.

“Kay sent us out a financial statement that has to be prepared every month,” explained Siddall. “We don’t handle cash, so we have been instructed by the State Board of Accounts to fill out another type of form.”

With that, Siddall gave Chaffins the form the State Board of Accounts has instructed him to use. Chaffins said the report is for all revenue, not just cash.

“We have tried very hard to get the highway department turned around, and four years ago with Dan Bridegroom and Mark Smith present, the State Board of Accounts said don’t take any cash,” said Siddall. “Therefore we’ve taken checks, and they provided a form to be filled out and turned in once a year.”

Commissioner Kathy Norem looked at the form and asked Siddall to turn it in once a month.

“I’d like to use the form given by the State Board of Accounts, because we have no cash on hand at the beginning or end of the month. We have to turn checks in within 24 hours. Would it be alright to use this form?” Siddall asked.

Norem said the form presented by Siddall would be sufficient.