Train Derailment Cleanup Still Underway

Crews remain on the scene of a train derailment near Ligonier which spilled nearly 200,000 pounds of molten sulfur and toluene. The car that was carrying the molten sulfur had burst into flames after the derailment of 27 cars of the 59-car train. Crews have smothered the burning train cars with clean soil, and officials say that once the fires are completely extinguished, they will get rid of the dirt and remove the cars.

Norfolk Southern is working with IDEM to monitor air quality and water quality in the area. Norfolk Southern says there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of the molten sulfur making it‘s way to any waterway that connects to the Elkhart River.

The immediate area was evacuated Tuesday morning as a precaution. It‘s not known when residents will be allowed to return. No injuries have been reported. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.