Winamac Town Board Names New Park Superintendent

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Board appointed a new Park Superintendent at their recent meeting. Rick Dilts was appointed and he will assume the duties from Don Thompson on April 1st. Don Thompson is retiring after 20 years as the Winamac Town Park Superintendent. The Board thanked him for this dedication to the town and Thompson thanked everyone for the last 20 years and he said he hoped he leaves the park in better shape than when he got it.

In other news, Water and Street Superintendent, Kevin Roe, told the Board that ME Simpson performed a leak survey on the town’s water pipes. Two leaks were found in the sewer project at the north end of town at 12th and Market Streets and 14th and Hathaway Streets. Leaks were also found in seven hydrants from the 2004 water project. Work to fix the leaks is ongoing.