From the WKVI Archives

Thirty years ago today in 1982, Farm Bureau was issuing its annual school population report.

Here were the figures for some area schools: Knox 2144, North Judson-San Pierre 1592, Eastern Pulaski 1383, Culver 1250, West Central 1064, and Oregon-Davis 813.

The report also announced the state average teacher’s salaries: Culver $15,989, Eastern Pulaski $15,660, North Judson-San Pierre $14,719, West Central $14,183, Knox $14,157, Oregon-Davis $13,758

The State Average Teachers Salary was $17,264.

WKVI-FM began 24-hour broadcasting on this date in 1995. The country music station joined the Jones Satellite Network, which used to program part of the day. Popular local announcers such as John Whitenack, Charlie Hasnerl, Ed Hasnerl, and “Sky” King could still be heard broadcasting in their familiar time slots.

Indiana Representative Steve Buyer visited Eaton Controls in Winamac. The Eaton plant had recently notified workers that the plant would be closing in Winamac and sending its operations to Mexico. Buyer fielded questions from the 78 workers at the plant during a carry-in-lunch.