Jonathan Hummel and Nathan Hummel Plead Guilty

Nathan Hummel
Jonathan Hummel

Jonathan and Nathan Hummel pleaded guilty yesterday in Starke Circuit Court to several charges against them. The pair were involved in an armed robbery incident at the Knox CVS pharmacy on December 20th.

Jonathan Hummel pleaded guilty to Dealing in a Narcotic Drug, Robbery, Robbery (aiding, inducing or causing) and Criminal Mischief and could face 31.5 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. No part of his sentence would be suspended and all pending cases he has in Knox City Court would be dismissed.

Nathan Hummel pleaded guilty to charges of Dealing a Narcotic Drug, Robbery, Robbery (aiding, inducing, or causing), and Disarming a Police Officer. Nathan Hummel would serve 15 years for the charge of Dealing a Narcotic and 10 years for the two robbery charges and the charge of Disarming a Police Officer. No part of his sentence would be suspended.

Both Jonathan and Nathan Hummel are required to pay restitution in the amount of $2,946.13 for damage to the Knox City Police Department squad car. A judgment will also be entered for restitution for the medications stolen from the CVS pharmacy. That amount will be determined at a sentencing hearing.