Mike Aulby Participates in Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon

Mike Aulby throws a ball during the Bowl-a-Thon

Pro Bowler and PBA Hall of Fame Member, Mike Aulby, was in Knox last night to help support the Junior Achievement organization in a Bowl-a-Thon event at Bowlaway Lanes.

There were several teams that participated in the event, including the WKVI Men’s and Women’s teams. Each team won a game, but the Women’s team won in series points by 23 pins. Several door prizes were given out and a game of chance was won by Tom Berg. The WKVI Men’s team brought in the most in pledges with $380.

Bridget Markin introduces Mike Aulby

Mike Aulby had the chance to bowl while at the bowling center and he was asked how he liked the lanes.

“The lanes are great,” said Aulby. “It’s a beautiful bowling center and the people are very nice. At 52 years old and no practice balls, it makes it kind of difficult. I’m somewhat embarrassing myself out there, but I think I’m making everybody feel good since they’re all beating me. That’s what I brought here for, right? Everybody’s having a good time.”

Nathan Welter shows his skills

Sports Broadcaster, Nathan Welter, broke out his ball for the evening and had the chance to bowl with Mike Aulby on a team. Aulby was asked how Nathan was doing with his bowling.

“We’ve been talking sports and he’s got the retro ABA basketball working out there and he’s starting to get the hang of it. We’ve just got to flip his second ball to his first ball and he’s going to be lights out tonight.”

He tells us what types of tips he gave the bowlers.

Mike Aulby signs a picture for bowler, Alice Dolezal

“Everybody wants to try and throw the ball too hard and do too much with it. Let the ball do all the work. The ball rolls nice and smooth and keeps the pins low and help mix for you much better. Nice and easy and let the ball do all the work.”

Aulby owns his own bowling center in Lafayette and it is one of two alleys that are hosting the USBC Women’s State Bowling Tournament this year.

Aulby poses for a picture with the Knox Elementary School team

“We’ve got the Ladies State Tournament and it’s the first time we’ve held it. It’s been great. There have been a lot of good bowlers. The ladies are doing really well. I know you guys are coming out later in the tournament – it’s a great event. We love having it.”

He was a great addition to the Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon and he signed many autographs for those in attendance. He also had his picture taken with all of the teams. He had a great time while in Knox.

“Thanks a lot for having me. It’s a great bunch of people and it’s a great cause.”

Aulby with the WKVI Men's team: Larry Simoni, Lenny Dessauer, Mike Aulby, Tom Berg, Ben Haut and Pat Dunn
Aulby with the WKVI Women's team: Glenna Hahn, Norma Heise, Mike Aulby, Bobbie Hoover, Valda Wielgos and Anita Goodan