Starke United Dinner Held Last Night in Knox

Starke United Executive Director Julie Dessauer, Sandy Kersting-Rudd and Board Chair Todd Zeltwanger

The Starke United Annual Dinner was held last night at Community Services of Starke County.

Executive Director Julie Dessauer talked about programs Starke United supported during 2011 which included the Kindergarten Countdown, the Boy Scout and Girl Scout Food Drive, JA More than Money, Familywize, and 211. $13,000 will be distrbuted in undesignated funds this year.

Upcoming events yet this year include the Mint Fest Ride, the Annual Golf Outing, the fall campaign drive and the Radio Auction.

Starke United Vice Chair of Allocations, Sandy Kersting-Rudd, was named Volunteer of the Year. She was surprised and honored to receive the recognition.

“I try very hard to help in all different areas of the county and to have someone say thank you back and what I’m doing is helping, it just makes me so proud,” said Sandy Kersting-Rudd.

She talked about how she got started in Starke United.

“I guess I first got asked to have a bike ride for Starke United and at that point in time I hadn’t even heard of what Starke United was. We had the bike ride, raised funds for them and then I continued to do that and then they asked me to be on the Board. Being in the Allocations Committee, I was able to see where the funds actually went and that’s when I said I do like this organization and I see what’s happening.”

Jerry Jernas was also given special recognition during the meeting.