State Senator Jim Arnold Visits Knox City Council

Senator Jim Arnold

State Senator Jim Arnold visited the Knox City Council meeting Tuesday night.

The reason for the visit was to give the council members and mayor a review of the most recent session of the state legislature.

“We had a total of 815 bills this year that were proposed. Of these 415 bills were proposed in the Senate and 400 were proposed in the house. Out of the total of 815 bills, 175 were sent to Governor Daniels for his signature, and he signed every one of them,” Arnold said.

One bill that Arnold commented on concerned the child support law.

”We changed the child support law this year. It now ends at 19. It’s always been 21, but we found that people thought it was 18. At that age they stopped paying support. We had many spouses going to court to file for back support. They didn’t know it was to go to 21, and the court would come back and mandate they pay back support. We realized we had a problem. Now the child support stops at 19 unless the individual child is continuing his or her education. The support will continue on as long as they are attending an educational facility, such as a college, tech school or the like,” Arnold said.

We’ll have more from Senator Arnold in the days ahead.