West Central School Turbine Still Under Work

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

The West Central School Board got an update on the wind turbine last week from Superintendent Charles Mellon.

“Well, we are in production,” stated Mellon. “There is a little additional tweaking that will be done. We’re still getting some voltage spikes which all three companies are working on and they think they have a solution and will be correcting that. We have been in production for a while and in the short future we should be able to get a read-out just to see what our production has been — say over the last two week period.”

The wind turbine is not quite in full commission mode yet.

“Until those issues are solved and it’s fully commissioned, it’s not considered ours yet,” Mellon said. “They still have their work to do so we’re still anxiously awaiting, but we are getting credit for the kilowatts that are being produced during this time.”