Annual Starke County Youth Club Radiothon Friday

Irene Szakonyi

WKVI is gearing up for its annual Radiothon for the Starke County Youth Club. This Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., we’ll be on the air taking pledges and informing the public about this award-winning club.

Youth Club Executive Director Irene Szakonyi says her main goal for the radiothon is educate the community about the club’s purpose.

“We certainly want to educate. We want the community to know about the Starke County Youth Club, and the kids we are serving and supporting every day. We also want to expand the support for these kids. It is a day that we celebrate the work that we’re doing, but we also celebrate the people that make it possible and encourage more people to make club a reality every day,” Szakonyi said.

Although proud of the fact that they serve several hundred students, Szakonyi is always sad that there are some on a waiting list.

“It is very painful for us to see that some kids are not getting the services they would like to have. We are seeing over 600 kids a year, but we have a waiting list of 70 students. It’s costly for us to provide the service, but we deeply believe it’s a need in our community,” commented Szakonyi.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the radiothon, and Szakonyi will explain more about the event during the week.