The Starke County Youth Club RadioThon is Only Days Away!

During the annual Starke County Youth Club RadioThon this Friday, you’ll have a chance to hear all the ways that the organization’s afterschool, summertime and enrichment programs positively impact local kids.

Executive Director Irene Szakonyi recently visited with the Knox City Council to issue a reminder about the important role the community plays in keeping the program going.

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Starke County Youth Club Joins CASA Family Day to Help Keep Kids Drug Free

Statistics indicate that nine out of ten Americans who meet the medical criteria for addiction began smoking, drinking or using other drugs before the age of 18.

Adolescence is a critical period for the initiation of drug use and the subsequent consequences. That is why the Starke County Youth Club wants to ensure that parents are forming meaningful connections with their children to encourage open dialogue throughout childhood, into the teen years and beyond. Continue reading

Starke County Youth Club Radiothon Friday

WKVI listeners will once again have the chance to support fun and educational programs for local children. The Starke County Youth Club’s annual radiothon is this Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. “The Starke County Youth Club is a youth development agency supporting children and families with after-school, summer, and recreational programs,” explains Executive Director Irene Szakonyi. “So that means we have programs all across the county during the after-school hours and across the summer, where we provide personal and academic support to kids and their families.”

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Starke County Youth Club Radiothon Set for May 4

The Starke County Youth Club’s annual radiothon is less than a month a way. It’s a chance for residents to help the organization continue to provide its after-school, summer, and recreational programs across the county. “We’re usually there after school for three hours, making sure kids have a safe place to be, making sure they get help with their homework and their academic needs,” says Executive Director Irene Szakonyi, “and then expanding on that, so kids get exposure to other cultures. They learn about technology and robotics, and maybe they’re even learning to cook and having a workforce readiness or life skill.” Continue reading

Starke County Youth Club Seeks Funds to Expand Programs

The Starke County Youth Club is able to provide after-school programs to students K-12 across the county thanks to grant funding.

One grant the club utilizes is the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. SC Youth Club Executive Director Irene Szakonyi said they’re reapplying for that grant this year and the deadline for it is coming up soon.

Szakonyi explained that and a part of the grant process, Youth Club representatives are working with their partners to determine particular needs. She said their partners include all the county schools, the public library system, the Starke County Economic Development Foundation and Purdue Cooperative Extension Services.

“We really do work together to make sure that there are high quality programs for kids in this community that address academic outputs, and personal success for kids.”Szakonyi continued, “Things like homework help and tutoring, science, technology engineering, and math, life skills, college and career readiness. All of those things that make sure that a kid is prepared to be successful in school and in work and in life.” Continue reading

Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan Public Hearing Tonight

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok will be holding several meetings today as a part of the process for amending and renewing the 5-year Parks Master Plan.

The purpose of today’s meetings is to gather community input about the various concerns and any recommendations that people have about the parks in Knox.

The first meetings will be conducted with stakeholders. Mayor Estok said that at 1:30 p.m. he will meet with Starke County Youth Club representatives. Then starting around 4:30 p.m. representatives from Moving Starke County Forward, the Starke County Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals Group will meet with the mayor to discuss individual group concerns.

At 6 p.m. a public hearing will be held at City Hall, where community members can weigh in on what they’d like to see at Wythogan Park, Sandy Acres and Heritage Park. Everyone is encouraged to attend to have their voice heard and their suggestions considered. Continue reading