NIPSCO Adds New Customer/Crew Tools In Preparation For Storm Season

NIPSCO has announced plans to release new technologies in preparation for storm season. Nationwide, weather-related problems are the top cause of power outages, and the company plans to improve customer communication and field crew response time in hopes in increasing their response time to outages.

NIPSCO will utilize two new channels to enhance existing communications activities around power outages: mobile web and social media. Electric customers can quickly inform the company of outages and view the latest restoration updates with the added power outage tracking and reporting feature, and the company has also added a Twitter page which will be used to communicate major electric outage information.

They have also announced that NIPSCO crews will be put on alert when a major storm is in the forecast, and their new automated callout and scheduling tool will allow them to get Operations Teams working as quickly as possible to mobilize crews and equipment to restore power.