Starke County Youth Club Knox Declares Checkmates

This student is really thinking hard about her next move!

For the past few months, select students at the Starke County Youth Club Knox site have been working to put together an event that would honor many area residents. Named Checkmates, this group started with a grant from Indiana Service Learning After School.

Checkmates decided to invite Starke County veterans and retired citizens to a game of chess. Once invitations were designed, professional prints were sent out to all of the potential Checkmates guests.

The Checkmates event was held on May 16, when food was served, tables were set, and the boards were prepared. What followed was 90 minutes of community involvement and fun.

At the end of the day, the entire youth club came together and provided a great service to its community. Each child involved showed great respect, cooperation, and effort in creating a memorable event that should be commended by all.