Starke County Youth Club Radiothon Nearing

Each day brings Starke County Youth Club Radiothon closer, and Irene Szakonyi, Executive Director of the Youth Club, says they are getting ready for the event which is planned for Friday, and she encourages everyone to make a donation. Szakonyi explained that the club gives students the opportunity to collaborate with many different schools and organizations across the country.

“We really appreciate that we are able to collaborate not just with our school corporations, but with other local agencies, too. We feel like we can be part of that network that brings people together, whether it’s Purdue Extension and 4-H programs, or Junior Achievement and Starke United. All the way across the board we feel like we have partners in helping kids and families succeed,” said Szakonyi.

Szakonyi will explain more about the event tomorrow, and on Friday, the radiothon will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.