Dry Conditions Urge Caution, Says Knox-Center Township Fire Chief

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Ken Pfost

Although it’s been dry in the Knox area, Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost says his department hasn’t been called out to too many brush fires.

“We’ve been fortunate,” commented Pfost. “We’ve only had a couple of brush fires, but there have been several more throughout the county. It hasn’t been too much of a problem yet and hopefully the residents of Starke County can help keep it under control.”

Pfost urges you to not burn anything during this drought, but if you have to, he offers these suggestions.

“The biggest thing is to use common sense,” said Pfost. “I prefer that you don’t burn at all. If it is necessary, keep it attended. If you can, have water present, like a garden hose. If nothing else, keep the grass wet around the fire. It seems like a lot of people wait until the windiest day of the year to burn. Burn on a calm day if you have to burn. Try to do it during the daylight hours and don’t burn anything you can’t manage.”

A burn ordinance is in effect in the city limits, but a burn ban for the county has not been issued at this time.

Those who smoke or light fireworks need also be cautious.

“A lot of people have the habit of flipping their cigarettes out the window as they’re driving down the highway, but with as dry as it is, it only takes a little smolder to get a good fire going. The same thing goes for fireworks. A lot of people think that once they shoot off and they don’t flash anymore that they’re done. When they land, they’re still hot and could still cause a fire.”