Jury Trial To Be Held Wednesday In Starke Circuit Court

Starke County Courthouse

A jury trial will be held Wednesday in the Starke Circuit Court – but the question is, who will go to trial?

Two pretrial motions and instructions hearings are set for this morning in the court; Jerrold Minix and Angela May will appear for their hearings, at which point it will be decided who will go to trial on Wednesday.

Minix faces two cases in the Starke Circuit Court. In the first case, he is charged with two counts of Burglary as a Class C felony, two counts of Theft, and two counts of Possession of Stolen Property. In the second case, he is charged with Receiving Stolen Property as a Class D felony.

Angela May faces charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Unlawful Possession of Use of a Legend Drug, Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Possession of Marijuana, and five counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

During the pretrial motions and instructions hearings, Judge Kim Hall will ultimately make the decision as to who will face trial on Wednesday.