Special Prosecutor Appointed To Case Against Connie Miller

Nicholas Bourff

A special prosecutor has been appointed in the case between the State of Indiana and Connie Miller, the former clerk-treasurer for the town of North Judson.

Starke County Prosecutor Nick Bourff requested a special prosecutor be appointed to the case because he felt it would be difficult to avoid the appearance of impropriety if the charging decision in the case was up to him, because he was the acting legal counsel for the town of North Judson during the year 2010. He said that due to the attorney-client relationship that existed between him and Miller during that time, the decision on whether or not to prosecute based on the Indiana State Board of Accounts Special Report causes a conflict.

The special report filed by the State Board of Accounts listed various receipts, deposits, collections, and reimbursements as being “Not Deposited Intact” during the two-year period between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011. The report also listed equipment that had been reportedly purchased during that period as being “Not On Hand.”

The court accepted Bourff’s request for a special attorney and Michael Krebes of Kokomo, the deputy prosecuting attorney for Howard County, has been appointed to represent the State of Indiana in the case.