Boy Scouts Exhibit Room Opens Soon

The grand opening and dedication of the Boy Scouts Exhibit Room will take place Saturday, Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. at the Museum and Crossroads Center in Plymouth. The dedication ceremony for the new display is being organized by Clarence Shively with the participation of local Boy Scouts, and the public is encouraged the attend and support the scouts with their exhibit dedicated to the organization.

This historical collection of scouting artifacts from the Marshall County area is the result of many hours of work put in by Shively organizing and gathering items. Volunteer Mandy Chalk and curator Elizabeth Garza have also put forth effort for the collection, working with Shively to create the informational signs in the room.

This isn’t the first time Shively has tried to get a display of Boy Scout items. Prior to the expansion of the museum, Shively had discussed donating part of his large collection because he noticed a lack of Boy Scout items on display, but because of the lack of available space, it wasn’t possible at the time. Fortunately, the museum has since expanded, allowing the Historical Society to offer Shively a challenge: for a $10,000 donation, the Boy Scouts could have their own room in the new spaces. Determined to get the Boy Scouts their own place in the museum, Shively send out letters to former scouts and their families. The response exceeded the goal, and the extra funds will be used to enhance the exhibit room.

The unique items on display illustrate the history of scouting, and include rare patches, uniforms, certificates, and ceremonial items.