No Complaints Burning Over Statewide Smoking Ban

The state-wide smoking ban has been in effect for 11 days now and there have been no complaints issued to the Starke County Health Department or the Pulaski County Health Department. The county health departments are responsible for enforcement of the smoking law for all businesses, while the State Excise Police enforces businesses that sell alcohol and tobacco.

Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch said he’s been to a few businesses to check on their smoke-free status and he has received a few phone calls with questions concerning the law. For those businesses that have not received a business kit, there are kits available in Lynch’s office.

Terri Hansen from the Pulaski County Health Department says that her department has gotten a few calls, but she feels the two informational meetings held in June prior to the law change helped inform business owners and residents. If you have questions, you can view the smoking ban information on the state’s website at