Starke County Commissioners Accept Bid For Bridge 51 Replacement

Starke County Commissioners Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners this week accepted a bid from LaPorte Construction to perform the replacement of Bridge 51.

The highest bid received was from Yates Construction, Inc., for $325,445.33, while the lowest bid presented was from LaPorte Construction Company, Inc. for $224,328.25.

Five other bids were presented from companies throughout Indiana and Michigan, which the commissioners took under advisement to give Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall time to review the bids and decide which bid he would recommend.

Siddall returned to the commissioners and announced the LaPorte Construction not only presented the lowest bid, but they performed work on Bridge 9 and did a satisfactory job. He recommended to the commissioners that they accept the company’s bid, and a motion was made and unanimously approved to allow LaPorte Construction to perform the replacement at a cost of $224,328.25.