Town of North Judson To Draft No-Tobacco Ordinance

North Judson Town Board

The Town of North Judson has announced that it is in compliance with the new smoke-free air law as required by the state, but the town board has announced plans to draft their own, more stringent no-tobacco policy.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says that the ordinance would not only prevent smoking, but all use of tobacco where smoking is prohibited. She says the ordinance would include park shelters because they are currently not covered by the state law, which only applies to enclosed structures. The board is interested in including these shelters in the no-tobacco policy because they feel the shelters are there for people to enjoy, and the board feels they have the right to enjoy them without having to tolerate tobacco smoke close to them.

The board will soon have the ordinance drafted and then read for approval at an upcoming meeting.

Henry says the board also commended the town’s street department on the good job they did over the weekend in cleaning up brush and debris from last weekend’s storms.