Two Arrested In Pulaski County For Possession, False Informing

Two Pulaski County residents were arrested on Friday after they stopped at a gas station and a Pulaski County officer recognized the passenger as having a warrant out for her arrest.

Two officers followed the vehicle in Medaryville and a traffic stop was initiated on Main Street, west of U.S. 421. Deputy Mat Anderson asked the passenger her name and she gave the name of “Marcie Klemp.” Anderson ran the information and asked her several other questions which she was unable to answer. Deputy Ryan Austin asked the driver, Billy Crowe, who the passenger was and he confirmed her name was Jackie Sizemore.

Deputy Austin received consent to search the vehicle where he reportedly found prescription medication for which Crowe did not have a prescription. Crowe allegedly admitted that the pills were his and that they were given to him.

Jackie Sizemore, 38, of Francesville, was arrested on a preliminary charge of False Informing and she was also booked in on an active arrest warrant out of Jasper County. Billy Crowe, 31, of Medaryville, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance.