Two Ordinances Passed By Knox City Council

Knox City Council

Two ordinances were passed this week at the meeting of the Knox City Council on their first readings. The first ordinance increased the water rate for the city in two phases: the first would increase the rate by $2.35, and the second would raise it an additional $2.35, effectively making a total increase of $4.70.

The second ordinance passed was an amendment to the sewer and stormwater ordinance, increasing the rate by $1 this year and an additional $1 next year.

An additional appropriation was also approved at the meeting. The appropriation moved $140,000 from the Cumulative Sewer Fund to rebuild the lift station located on Claybaugh Drive in Knox, near the South Side Fire Station. Another $27,301.08 was moved from the Sewer Improvement Fund, and $21,000 in EDIT funds were also appropriated for the project.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston says the council will also be reestablishing the Cumulative Capital Development Fund in the near future.