Winamac Town Board Discusses Inmate Community Service Options

Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Town Board heard a request from Park Superintendent Rick Dilts, who inquired as to whether or not Pulaski County Jail inmates could be used to help clean up the park. Those inmates needing community service could be used for the project. The park officials and the Pulaski County Jail officials were to talk and discuss the feasibility of the partnership and the liability issues.

Winamac Police Chief Mike Buchanan told the town board that he is having an issue with the officers telling kids that they are not allowed in the town park. Several kids have been in the park causing problems, and Buchanan said the officers can not discipline the youngsters according to the prosecuting attorney. A report would need to be filed and then brought before the prosecutor and the probation departments before action can be taken. The board ultimately agreed that a policy needs to be in place so that if a crime is committed in the park, officers can reprimand the perpetrators.