American Oak To Develop Industrial Park Property

David Pearman

The Starke County Council last week passed a motion to approve a proposed ordinance to allow American Oak to develop property in the North Judson Industrial Park.

Council President David Pearman says this is a great opportunity to expand the development in the industrial park. He says next to the American Oak property is some land with a lot of scrub trees, and American Oak is interested in putting some money into that property.

“This property will be developed. American Oak is intending to put a pretty large amount of cash into sort of revitalizing that area and making it available for new potential suitors,” said Pearman.

The first phase of the revitalization will create six additional jobs, and another 1000 feet will be left available for future development. Pearman says this is a great opportunity for the industrial park.

“So really it’s kind of taking that whole industrial park property to the next level at this point,” said Pearman.

The revitalization project will be discussed further at future meetings of the Starke County Council.