Buildings On North Main Street In Knox May Soon Be Demolished

Knox City Council

Step by step, the demolition of two buildings on North Main Street in Knox is becoming a reality. Two buildings, 2 N. Main St. and 4 N. Main St., are dilapidated and many feel they pose maintenance and safety concerns for the city.

According to Mayor Rick Chambers, the Starke County Economic Development Foundation has been looking to have the buildings torn down. The foundation was previously located at 4 N. Main St., but later moved to 1915 S. Heaton St. in Knox. The building at 2 N. Main St. has been abandoned for nearly 15 years.

Chambers requested permission from the council to sign a letter to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, proposing the demolition of the building. Because the grant needs to be in the name of an entity, Chambers says the city will receive the grant, but the Economic Development Foundation applied for it and will be supplying the match money. The grant will provide the city with $82,800, and the foundation will supply the $9200 for the match at no cost to the city of Knox.

Chambers says once they receive the grant, the foundation will begin requesting bids for the demolition of the buildings.

A motion was made and approved for Chambers to sign and submit the letter.