Changes Made to Hamlet Trash Can Ordinance

A number of changes have been made to the rules regarding trash and recycling containers, effective immediately.

Hamlet police say trash and recycling containers must be placed at the roadside no earlier than one day before trash pickup day and must be removed from the roadside no later than one day after pickup day, and they must be stored in a place that is not visible from the roadway if possible, such as the back side of a house or within a fence.

All trash inside the containers must be completely inside it, and the trashcan can weight no more than 150 lbs to ensure collection. Contents should be bagged and lids closed to avoid littering, and the containers should be placed two to three feet from the edge of the street with handles facing the house, with the lid opening toward the street. Dumpsters cannot be placed on roadsides that would create a traffic hazard, and must not remain on a property within view of the road longer than 15 days.

The postmaster requires containers to be placed far enough away from the mailbox to allow the mail carrier to access the mailbox without interference.

Violations of this ordinance are subject to a $25 fine, but each reoccurring offense raises that fine to a maximum of $150. For more information, a copy of the full ordinance can be found at the Hamlet Town Hall.