Civil War Club to Host Historical Cemetery Tour

The Pulaski County Jr. Historical Society Civil War Club has announced they will be hosting an Historical Cemetery walking tour of the Winamac Cemetery on Sept. 8 during the farmer’s market. Featuring local veterans from the War of 1812, a local resident who served in the Revolutionary War, and many others who participated in historical battles, the tour will begin at 1 p.m. at the Winamac Cemetery west of town.

Parking is available in the northern section of the cemetery near the Memorial Gardens, and Linda Irving will lead the tour. Roughly 12 headstones will be featured on the tour and each will be viewed with a description of the person, their family history, and their historical significance to the county. A self-guided walking tour booklet along with a map of the cemetery will be presented with biographical information of each person and stone visited.

One particularly interesting stone on the tour is that of Asa Freeman, a veteran of the War of 1812.

Any youth ages 12–18 who are interested in the Civil War is invited to attend the Pulaski County Jr. Historical Society Civil War Club, organized in partnership with the county Historical Society, county court system, and the county Extension Office.

Meetings are monthly with numerous activities and guest speakers, and trips are also planned within the state to historical museums and battlefields. For more information, contact Judge Shurn at, or Natalie Daily Federer at