Conditional Revolving Loan Approved By Pulaski County Commissioners

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

A $132,000 loan has been approved by the Pulaski County Commissioners to L&C Recycling, LLC, to allow Tom Bonnell to move his business from its current location on State Road 119 south of Winamac to a facility on County Road 200 South near 500 West.

The loan was approved pending his request to rezone the new location to industrial to accommodate his business. He was recently granted a favorable recommendation by a revolving loan committee, and now with the commissioners’ approval, the matter falls to the shoulders of the Pulaski County Planning Commission. A hearing will be conducted on Aug. 27 to decide whether or not to proceed with Bonnell’s request.

If approved, Bonnell will be able to borrow $132,000 from the county’s revolving loan fund at three percent interest. Bonnell will be responsible for making monthly payments for the first ten years of the loan, followed by a final balloon payment to the county.

This will be the first rezoning decision that the Planning Commission has faced since the new zoning became effective in the spring. While the property in question has long been a host to light industrial work, it is not currently zoned industrial, and the question that falls to the Planning Commission is whether or not they should allow industry in such a rural part of the county, or if they should focus on areas already zoned for industry, closer to highways and the community.