Hoosier BP Customers May Have Received Contaminated Gas

Some BP customers may have gotten a surprise when last they filled up their tank, as the company announced that motorists who bought fuel at a northwest Indiana BP station, or one supplied by BP, may have filled their vehicles with contaminated fuel.

BP’s general manager for press relations, Scott Dean, says they have pinpointed the contaminated fuel to a tank at their Whiting refinery fuel storage terminal, and he says it may have been diesel fuel or fuel oil that somehow got mixed in with regular unleaded gasoline. Customers most at risk are those in northwest Indiana, within the immediate area of the Whiting terminal, but GasBuddy.com Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says there are other areas that may be affected as well.

“The contaminated fuel may have been sold in northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana, and perhaps southwest Michigan, and perhaps into very southern Wisconsin. Those areas along the lakes are most at risk, I would say, for contaminated fuel to be sold at BP or independent retailers that purchase their gas from BP,” Dehaan said.

BP customers who had problems that prompted service to their vehicle should save their gas station receipt or credit card statement with the purchase, along with the repair bill, and call the customer relations hotline at (800) 333-3991. Dean says motorists who filled up their vehicle tank with the tainted fuel will have more problems than someone who just “topped off” their tank, but the company will resolve any problems stemming from the contaminated fuel.