Marshall County Commissioners Reach Decision On Golf Cart Ordinance

The Marshall County Commissioners have come to a decision on the fate of golf cart operators in the county. The commissioners discussed the ordinance, which was passed in early June, at the end of the meeting on Monday morning to determine whether or not a revised ordinance could get a vote.

Commissioner Greg Compton expressed that he feels golf carts should only be allowed on roads where the speed limit is below 35 mph, but president Kevin Overmyer said he liked the original ordinance, and commissioner Jack Roose asked about raising the speed limit to 45 mph on the golf carts.

Ultimately, the commissioners voted two to one to amend the original ordinance, passing it on the second and third reading. The now-approved ordinance will allow golf carts on roads with speed limits lower than 35 mph, and only during daylight hours.

The commissioner opposing the ordinance, Jack Roose, stated he felt that the commissioners would be favoring people who have moved in to the lake communities, while lifelong residents would be restricted from driving a golf cart to visit nearby friends and family.