North Judson Considering Golf Cart Ordinance

The town of North Judson is considering the idea of joining several counties, cities, and towns throughout Indiana that have adopted ordinances regulating where golf carts can and cannot be driven. According to Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, the town board is reviewing a sample ordinance governing golf carts to determine whether or not they want to draft an ordinance based around those recommendations.

Henry says the council is unsure as to whether or not an ordinance is currently in effect regulating golf carts, but she says it’s more likely that the board has mentioned something in the meeting minutes prohibiting golf carts from operating on town roads. However, if that is the case, the board would like to have something more concrete on record specifying requirements for golf cart operation – such as an operator’s license, insurance on the vehicle, registration, or other necessities.

The board also discussed their no-tobacco ordinance, and have sent it to be publicized. Henry says once it has been advertised in the paper, the board can move forward with the first reading of the ordinance and proceed with its enactment.