Pulaski Commissioners Discuss Use of Gov’t Surplus Equipment

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Pulaski County Commissioners at their meeting this week discussed the use of military surplus equipment for the Recycling Center, Sheriff’s Department, and other departments as well.

According to county attorney Kevin Tankerslee, the equipment must be used by law enforcement agencies only for at least one year after it has been received from the Department of Defense. After that, however, the title is transferred to the Board of Commissioners, who can then allow other departments to make use of the equipment.

Sheriff Michael Gayer told the commissioners that any vehicles purchased from the government surplus will be titled first to the state, then to the commissioners. He says his department has received a lot of equipment from the Department of Homeland Security, including guns, exercise equipment, and vehicles at no cost.

However, Gayer says he stirred up some confusion when he tried to get the vehicles plated. Rather than drive around with no plates, Gayer said he went to the BMV to have the vehicles plated, but was informed that he would need a court order sent to the state in order to have them plated.

Unfortunately, when the state coordinator received the order, he mistakenly thought the county was suing the Department of Homeland Security, and suspended Gayer from using the government surplus website. Since then, however, the situation has been sorted out.

Gayer told the commissioners that he is comfortable allowing the county to make use of the vehicles, as it is better to use the equipment than to allow it to fall into disrepair.