Pulaski County Wrongful Death Suit Goes To Trial

Pulaski County Courthouse

A wrongful death suit is headed to a jury trial in Pulaski Circuit Court.

The family of a minor who died as a result of the ingestion of medication prescribed to Barbara J. Gilden of Medaryville and provided to the minor by her grandson is filing suit against Gilden. The family is claiming in a civil suit that Gilden was prescribed narcotics to treat a medical condition and that she knew narcotics were missing from her home and being provided to minors.

This particular incident happened on March 22, 2007 and the family alleges that Gilden was negligent in properly storing her medication, allowing the narcotics to be accessible to minors at her residence despite having notice that they have been obtained by minors in previous situations and she failed to supervise minors in her residence.

The family is seeking reasonable compensatory damages, costs and interest, and just and proper relief. They are seeking fair monetary value of the loss of the child’s services, health care expenses and hospitalization necessitated by the wrongful act that caused the child’s death, funeral and burial costs, and reasonable expense for the psychiatric and psychological counseling for the surviving family members.

The jury trial is to begin Sept. 17 at 8:30 a.m. ET in Pulaski Circuit Court.