Swine At The Indiana State Fair To Be Thoroughly Examined

The State Board of Animal Health is taking extra precautions in carefully examining pigs being unloaded at the Indiana State Fair – this after several pigs were found with symptoms of influenza A at the LaPorte and Monroe county fairs. The pigs are being thoroughly monitored and examined before being allowed to enter the swine barn.

Four people were sickened at the LaPorte County Fair after they had reportedly come into direct contact with the animals, and confirmed test results indicate the cause as a variant of the influenza A virus. Humans and swine alike tested positive for the virus, and officials say the virus was directly transmitted from the infected animals.

All four affected people have since recovered, but the State Board of Animal Health says they are taking no chances in allowing this infection to occur again.

Denise Derrer with the State Board of Animal Health says every pig coming into the fair will have their temperature taken immediately, and any swine with a temperature above 105 degrees will be immediately sent home. The animals will also be checked on a regular basis throughout the duration of the fair.

Consumers are encouraged not to worry about eating pork products. Both state and federal inspection agencies work day and night to ensure that all pork products are safe to eat.