Tough Decision In Future For Starke County TRIAD

Community Services of Starke County
Community Services of Starke County

The Starke County TRIAD has a tough decision before them regarding the fate of the organization. TRIAD Treasurer Joan Haugh says they will soon decide whether to disband the organization entirely or join the LaPorte County TRIAD, and she says members appear to be leaning toward disbanding.

Haugh says that even if the organization is discontinued, many programs and services offered by the agency would fall on the shoulders of Community Services of Starke County. She says the File of Life program and Beacon Flashers program would continue, and Community Services would still provide seniors with advice about the latest scams and frauds. She says they would also work with the Starke County Environmental Management Agency and the DEA in establishing pill drops throughout the year.

While some members of TRIAD have not yet voiced their votes on whether to disband or join LaPorte County, Haugh says they will likely make the decision at the agency’s next meeting.

For more information on TRIAD or Community Services, contact Haugh at (574) 772-7070.