Town of Culver Discusses Drilling of New Well

In light of this year’s worsening drought, the town of Culver is looking into the possibility of drilling an extra well for the town’s water supply.

According to Town Manager David Schoeff, the town board had discussed the idea a while ago and had a study done regarding the project, but nothing had come of it. Since then, some comments had been made at the last board meeting that some residents thought the board should look into the idea once again because of the dry weather.

Schoeff says the dry weather isn’t causing concern for the water supply, but they’re instead looking into the possibility to ensure that as the town grows, the water supply can accommodate the expansion.

So, while town officials aren’t concerned about wells “drying up” or presenting other problems, there is a possibility of plant improvements and the drilling of another well. Schoeff says it’s important for the town to be prepared to grow physically, but they want to take cautious steps as they plan for the future.

Because the previous study was done some time ago, Schoeff says they will likely do more planning and update some of the costs that were presented previously. Once they’ve determined how much such an expansion is likely to cost, Schoeff says they will discuss how to pay for it and determine what grants are available to cover some of the costs.

Schoeff emphasized that no decision about expanding the plant or drilling new wells has been made, but they are evaluating the idea thoroughly to ensure the right decision is made.